INV vigilancia

Attention and vigilance in the place of risk

Our added value is the very people who invest their efforts every day to offer the best support and surveillance service at the place of risk. We have more than 1000 fully-qualified guards meeting all the requirements, and we continue to grow. Surveillance personnel with or without a weapon can be available to cover any event or facility. In addition, there is no place our emergency attendance service cannot reach, regardless of the situation or location, and it carries out a comprehensive inspection, thus guaranteeing the operation of the installed security system.

Our 24-hour verification service, distributed by strategic areas, guarantees a quick response to our clients’ needs.

Our guards will receive alerts from the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) and deal with any situation, offering protection and peace of mind with total privacy, acting rigorously and professionally against the different risks that may arise in control and maintenance situations.

Surveillance service in large installations and corporate environments.
Service Type
Surveillance service in large installations and corporate environments.
Provider Name
C/: Ramirez Tomé 18, 3º C ,Madrid,Madrid-28038 ,
Telephone No.913035604
We offer the necessary surveillance personnel, with or without a weapon, to cover any type of event or installation. We have ATTENDANCE service and immediate response 24h.