The origin of GRUPO INV lies in security systems. We are one of the leaders of the sector and one of the few companies capable of undertaking any project with solvency. Our proven professionalism has enabled us to maintain a client loyalty rate of over 95%, many with over 30 years of loyal relationship. Our main objective is to complement the other business branches and to favour the orderly growth of the GRUPO INV’s activity in all the regulated safety sectors. We strive to provide clients with truly global, integral and integrated services in a single philosophy.


We are driven by success year after year

Estimated results for 2019


Sales in 2018 by type of service

  • Security systems - 75 millions
  • Auxiliaries and complementary - 14 millions
  • Surveillance services - 48 millions

Projected sales for 2019 by type of service

  • Security systems - 90 millions
  • Auxiliaries and - 20 millions
  • Surveillance services - 55 millions

Sales in 2018 vs. 2019

  • 2018 - 136 millions
  • 2019 - 165 millions


  • 2018 - 12.6 millions
  • 2019 - 16 millions

Nº of workers in the entire group: 3600 workers


Internationally, GRUPO INV has devised a major investment plan to strengthen its internationalisation.

In the case of Mexico, our office opened in 2011, and we are already a leading name for large projects, and the forecasts for Mexico are at the level of those of Spain.

The office in Peru began operating in early 2015 and operations began in Colombia in 2017 through the acquisition of a local company. We hope to be fully established in the coming years and become a benchmark within the sector in these countries, based on the model used in Mexico, which has given us excellent results so far.